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  • Are your gift cards guaranteed? 
    YES! We guarantee that the stated balance on gift card(s) you buy from us will be available for your use for a period of 100 days from the date of your purchase, up to a maximum of $500.00 per card. If you are unable to redeem the card's balance, or a portion of it, we will refund you the amount you paid for that balance, or the portion of it.
  • What payment methods do you accept? 
    We accept the following forms of payment:

    - Major credit & debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
    - PayPal
  • I tried paying with a credit/debit card but all see is a PayPal page. Did I do something wrong? 
    How do I pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express at the PayPal screen?Not at all. You are seeing this page because we use PayPal as our credit card payment processor. You can still pay using a credit/debit card, even without a PayPal account, simply by clicking on the button; "Pay with Debit or Credit Card":
  • When buying a gift card, how long will it take to receive it? 
    Physical gift cards will be sent the following business day via US mail. Please allow 2-5 business days for delivery.

    eGift cards, those cards to to be delivered electronically, will be delivered in under an hour when ordered during our normal, active hours. eGift Cards ordered after hours will be emailed to you by noon ET the following day.
  • When are your normal, active hours? After hours? 
    We process all orders right away generally from around 9am to 8pm ET, 7 days a week. You can always find both the delivery method and the expected delivery times for each of the cards you are ordering during the checkout process:

    Buy gift cards to be delivered electronically or by mail
  • Can I specify a different address to ship a card to? 
    Unfortunately, no. For security reasons we will only mail gift cards to the billing address provided on your order.
  • How do I know if a card will be sent to me by mail, or by email? 
    When ordering a card, be sure to look for its Delivery Options icons:

    Determine how the discount gift card you buy will be delivered to you

    Discounted gift card to be sent via email as electronic, eGift card= Delivered as an eGift card via email (electronically)

    Discounted gift card to be sent as a physical card via mail= Delivered as a physical card via mail (physical)

    If both icons are shown for a card, you may select your preferred delivery method.

    NOTE: Orders for eGift cards may require phone confirmation. This call would come from the 866 area code.
  • If I order a gift card that is emailed to me, can I redeem it from my phone? 
    Yes, when redeeming an eGift card in-store, you can do so either from a printed version of your eGift card, or by showing it to the cashier on your mobile device.
  • Can the gift card I am buying/bought be used online? In-store? 
    When buying a gift card, look for each card's "Can Spend" options:

    Can the gift card I buy be spent in-store or online

    There are 3 possible options for how a card may be used:

    In-Store / Online
    In-store Only
    Online Only

    If trying to find these options for a card you've already purchased, and you used a saved account when checking out, you can login to our website, click on the "Buy Order History" link, then click the order # to see all of its details, including the options for each card you purchased:

    Check if the card I bought can be spent in-store or online

    If you did not use a saved account when checking out, you will need to Contact Us to obtain this information.
  • Can I return a gift card? 
    If you purchased a physical gift card (those delivered via mail) then, yes, you may return it for a full refund provided the card's balance is the same as when we sent it to you. If you need to return a physical gift card, please contact us for return instructions.

    For security reasons we are unable to accept returns for eGift cards (those delivered as electronic gift cards via email).
  • How do I know if I can trust CardKangaroo? 
    Great question, and we definitely understand the concern. Although it is difficult for us to convince a first-time customer of the validity and quality of the services we offer, we would encourage you to review our Feedback Ratings as this feedback service is maintained by a 3rd party service provider and is in no way influenced by us.

    Also, we are an active and good standing member with the Better Business Bureau.

    If you are considering selling your gift cards with us we would advise you to ensure the cards you are selling are both owned by you and were obtained in a legal manner. So long as this is the case, you will be pleasantly surprised working with us here at and the high-level of customer service that we provide. Nearly any negative feedback we've ever received is due to persons attempting to sell us gift cards that were either obtained illegally or fraudulently - and we have a zero tolerance policy in these situations. Attempting to do so will most likely result in us holding your cards while we assist the issuing merchants of those cards with their investigations, and this assistance will include us providing your information to them.
  • Do you accept eGift cards for purchase? 
    Yes, we do purchase electronic gift cards provided you have the original eGift card(s)*. After placing a gift card sell order, instead of mailing the card simply reply to the order confirmation email you receive and attach your eGift card, or the link to it (whichever it is you have) and we will process it as if you had mailed the card to us. If you have an eGift card but are not sure how or what to send us, reply to your order confirmation email and let us know. We'll be happy to provide you with further instructions.

    *We do always require an original eGift card and not just its numbers or an image of a gift card. We do not accept eGift cards purchased from other 3rd party gift card resellers.

    NOTE: It is best, though not required, to place separate orders for eGift cards and physical cards. This way your payment for the eGift cards is not held up while waiting for the physical cards to arrive to us by mail.
  • How do I provide you with my gift card numbers, or a picture of the card? 
    We do always require the original gift cards when purchasing them, so if the card you have is a physical card then you will have to mail it to us (except for gift cards - for those you could simply email us the Claim Code).

    If the card you have is an electronic gift card, then instead of mailing it to us, after placing your order you can reply to the order confirmation email you receive and attach the original eGift card, or the link to it, whichever it is you have.
  • How will I be paid for my gift card? 
    We currently offer payments either via Check by mail or electronically using PayPal*. When placing your gift card sell order, you will be prompted to choose your preferred payment method (Check is selected by default).

    *PayPal payments can only be sent to U.S. accounts. We can NOT issue payments to any foreign based PayPal accounts. All PayPal payments are sent in U.S. dollars and will not be converted to another currency.
  • How long will it take to get my payment? 
    This will depend on both how the card(s) are being delivered to us and the payment method you choose.

    If the cards are being mailed to us, please allow 3-7 days for us to receive your gift cards, depending on where you live. If emailing eGift cards to us, we will of course receive those almost as soon as you send them.

    Once we receive your gift card(s) we will process and verify the balances on them typically within 48 hours. NOTE: Under certain circumstances this process may take longer. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to: cards having high balances or orders with large payouts; orders for first-time customers; if the PIN/redemption numbers have been revealed (which includes all eGift cards); concerns that might arise during our fraud & history checks on both the cards and the seller of the cards, etc.

    Once the gift cards have been verified, you will receive your payment immediately if you chose to be paid via PayPal. If you instead chose check as your payment option, please allow an additional 3-7 days for delivery of your check via USPS First Class mail.
  • Can I sell you my store credit or return merchandise card? 
    Absolutely. We do accept store credit and return merchandise cards for most of the merchants. For those few that we don't, our system will make you aware of this when you submit your card for an offer.
  • I have a large number of cards to sell or I sell cards regularly. Do you offer any better rates? 
    If you regularly sell gift cards large quantities of gift cards, Contact Us about our Bulk Seller program.
  • My gift card's balance is below/above the min/max balances you accept. Can you accept it? 
    Perhaps. Contact Us and let us know which merchant your card(s) are good for and their balance(s).
  • How do I get your free shipping label? 
    After placing a gift card sell order, you will be provided a link to generate a pre-paid mailing label you can print and attach to an envelope containing your gift card(s). You can always find this link again in your order confirmation email.
  • How should I mail my gift cards? 
    Once you've completed your gift card sell order, click the link to access your pre-paid mailing label. Print the page then cut where indicated. Using a small piece of tape, tape one edge of EACH gift card individually to your order confirmation page to ensure they cannot slide out of the envelope during transit. You can tape as many as 12 gift cards to this confirmation page, 6 on the front, 6 on the back. Insert your gift cards into an envelope and seal it. Attach the mailing label to the front of the envelope, taping ALL 4 edges of the label well, then drop it in the mail.

    If sending 1-12 cards using the pre-paid label, please use a standard envelope (DO NOT use a bubble, padded, or cardboard mailer) as these are sent via First Class Mail - Letter.

    If sending more than 12 cards, you may use any type of mailer (plastic, bubble, padded, cardboard) or even a small box as these will be mailed via the USPS First Class Package Service with Tracking.
  • I lost the link to my mailing label, where can I find it? 
    The link to your pre-paid mailing is provided both when you complete your gift card sell order, and then again in a sell order confirmation email that is sent to you.
  • Does your pre-paid mailing label provide tracking? 
    This depends on the # of cards you are sending.

    If you order contains 1-12 cards, our pre-paid mailing label provides postage for USPS Standard First Class Mail - Letter, which, unfortunately, does not offer tracking. You can always add tracking or other services by taking them to the post office and adding them, but this would be at an additional cost to you. (See the FAQ: "Do I have to use your pre-paid mailing label?" if sending your cards using another method)

    When you place a gift card sell order with 13 or more gift cards, our pre-paid mailing label provides postage for USPS First Class - Package which does provide free tracking.
  • Does your pre-paid mailing label provide insurance? 
    No, the pre-paid mailing label our system provides for sending your gift cards does not include insurance. If you'd like to add this service, or send your cards using another method, you may do so, but it would be at your own cost.

    (See the FAQ: "Do I have to use your pre-paid mailing label?" if sending your cards using another method)
  • What if I'm unable to print my postage label? 
    If you are unable to print our mailing label, you will need to mail or ship your gift cards at your own cost. Be sure to include your order # along with your cards and send them to:

    via USPS:
    CK Processing
    PO Box 1242
    Granger, IN 46530

    via FedEx or UPS:
    CK Processing
    6910 N Main St, Unit 14A
    Granger, IN 46530
  • Do I have to use your pre-paid mailing label? 
    No, not at all. Our pre-paid mailing label is offered only as a convenience. You can always mail or ship your cards using any method or additional services you would like, but at your cost. Just be sure to include your order # along with your cards and send them to:

    via USPS:
    CK Processing
    PO Box 1242
    Granger, IN 46530

    via FedEx or UPS:
    CK Processing
    6910 N Main St, Unit 14A
    Granger, IN 46530
  • What is the status of my gift card sell order? 
    If you placed your gift card sell order using a saved account on our website you can always login to your account and click on 'Sell & Trade Orders History', then click on the order number to see its details, as well as, its order statuses (received, paid, etc.) as they are kept up-to-date in real-time.

    If you checked out as Guest, feel free to Contact Us to inquire about the status of your order or payment.

    Please allow 2-5 days time for us to receive the gift cards you've mailed. We do not email you automatically when we receive your cards, however, we will always send you an email when your payment has been issued.

    If you are waiting on a check from us, please note that the check will be addressed from "Chase Online Bill Payment".
  • When trading a gift card how long does it take to get my new gift card? 
    When you print out the free, postage-paid label and drop it in your mail box, it should take 2-5 business days for us to receive your gift cards, depending on where you live in the US. Once received, we will process and verify the amount on the card within 48 hours. If you chose to trade for another gift card that is to be delivered via email, we will email you the codes right away. If you chose a gift card that is to be mailed as a physical card, please allow another 2-5 business days for delivery via USPS First Class Mail.
  • Are there any shipping or hidden costs? 
    NO! If you buy a gift card, shipping is always free. If selling or trading a gift card, we will provide you with a pre-paid mailing label on our dime. We have NO membership fees or hidden fees. Our goal is to see you save money when shopping at your favorite merchants.
  • What security do you have in place? 
    We DO NOT tolerate fraudulent activity, so please think twice. We have security features in place on all orders and we do monitor them. This is to ensure we are buying and selling to whom you say you are.

    We reserve the right to decline any gift card order. This includes gift card sell orders, even after we receive the cards, should we find evidence of any possible fraudulent activity related to the acquisition of the gift cards. In such cases, we reserve the right to contact the gift card's issuing merchant with all information we've acquired so that they may perform a proper investigation. If we do decline a gift card sell order, we will mail the card(s) back to the address on the order, using a means of our choosing unless otherwise specified and paid for by the customer, provided the issuing merchant of the card has not asked that we hold the card(s) while they investigate.
  • What else should I know about your website? 
    Be sure to check out our Blog for additional tips and information all about the buying and selling of gift cards.

    The trademarks and names of gift cards we sell and purchase are the property of their respective owners. CardKangaroo, Inc. is neither affiliated nor associated with such owners, their products, or their services in any way.
  • Any interesting facts about kangaroos I might not know? 
    Did you know that there are more kangaroos in Australia than there are humans?